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Friday, September 21, 2012

School Committee Meeting Notes of August 28, 2012

The cooler weather is more than hinting at fall - hope your school year is off to an excellent start! Reference documents are noted in red – just open the zipped file on the web site.

Announcements of the Superintendent

Superintendent Taymore offered her Entry Plan (Entry Plan) and her 100 Day Plan (100 Day Plan Progress Report). The Entry Plan reports her process, along with the documents she’s used and the meeting she’s held to inform her understanding of the district. The 100 Day Plan Progress Report details the work she has already done to improve teacher evaluation, Common Core implementation, and communication/discourse. * She announced that school opened very successfully. She indicated that administrators had participated in two full-day sessions of training on the new educator evaluation instrument, adding that the MEA (Melrose Education Association, known less formally as the teachers’ union) would vote the next day on the district/union agreement (or Memorandum of Agreement) regarding the instrument.

Announcements of the Chair

Ms. Thorp reported that the city would sponsor a meeting for all boards and commissions regarding the Open Meeting Law on September 24th at 7:00 in the MHS cafeteria. The MAAV walk is October 28th and the School Committee will sponsor its annual team. We voted to increase the salary of Asst. Supt. of PPS Patti White-Lambright for this year, falling in line with the district salary grid established earlier this year. You can read more in this document: Setting of Salaries. * Superintendent Taymore’s goal planning process was reviewed (Superintendent Evaluation, Superintendent Evaluation 2, and Superintendent Evaluation and Process 1), and we agreed on her 2012-2013 proposed goals. * In addition, she was appointed as the district representative to SEEM (our special education collaborative). * A proposal was presented to move the Melrose School Committee meetings from Tuesdays to Thursdays beginning in January, 2013 (Proposal to Change SC Meeting Dates). We agreed to think about it and put it on the agenda in late winter/spring (before individuals consider running for School Committee so they can factor meeting times into their decision).

Consent Agenda

We ultimately approved the School Committee minutes of August 14, 2012 and August 16, 2012; the Personnel Report; the second vote on Policies 5701: Student Health Services, 5701.01: Administration of Prescription Medications, and 6503: Executive Session; the revised appointment of Attendance Officers; and the Warrants.

Educational Programs and Personnel

Superintendent Taymore presented her current organizational chart (District Org Chart) and will add the Bridge Director (who reports to the supt.) to the chart. She indicated that a Human Resources Handbook was needed (and will be addressed), that her staff is working to create a job description repository, and that the posting of district vacancies is redundant and outdated (and will also be addressed). * Supt. Taymore also explained the need for additional special education staffing at MHS due to shifting enrollments and curriculum sequencing changes. (More in this document: Staffing Request.) The addition will be made by taking advantage of cost savings in other special ed. services and will not require additional funding.

Policy and Planning

The Committee initially approved a series of policy changes that align the hiring of Central Office Administrators and Principals more closely to state law, Massachusetts Association of School Committee (MASC) protocol, and general best practice. Supt. Taymore fully supports these changes. They include an amendment of Policy 4201: Professional Staff Positions; adoption of new Policy 4202: Professional Staff Hiring/Posting of Positions; and repeal of policies 2114: Interview Search Committee for Central Office Administrators, 2201: Business Manager, 2202: Special Education Administrator, 2301: Interview Search Committee for Principals, and 4202.02: Posting of Vacancies. 

Finance and Facilities

Business Manager Greg Zammuto commented on the number of our crossing guards and the safety precautions being taken to protect students as they arrive at and depart from school properties. He reminded parents that there is no drop-off/pick-up in either the middle school or high school parking lot. He also presented a Facilities Update that provides information on the maintenance work performed in schools over the summer.

If you have a chance, the start of this school year is a great time to read up on how the Common Core implementation (noted in the Supt’s Progress Report discussion above) will continue to improve the teaching and learning happening in your child(ren)’s classroom(s). Curriculum Director Margaret Adams has some great links on her welcome page (http://www.melroseschools.com/curriculum2/welcome.cfm)  – just scroll to the bottom. Thank you all for a safe and supportive start to the year, and for the many wonderful things you do to help children!