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Saturday, March 15, 2014

"5 Things Teachers Wish Parents Knew...

...Your Children Can Do More Than You Think"

This past Thursday, New York Times' Motherlode blogger Jessica Lahey posed this question to teachers: "What one thing would you want your students' parents to know?". She found these themes:

* Your kids can do much more than you think they can do.
* It's not healthy to give your kids constant feedback.
* We promise not to believe everything your child says happens at home if you promise not to believe everything your child says happens in our classrooms.
* Your children learn and act according to what you do, not what you say.
* Teach your children that mistakes aren't signs of weakness but a vital part of growth and learning.

I think the beauty of these themes is that they are simple, useful, and apply to children of any age. Read her full post here: