Margaret Raymond Driscoll is a nine-year Melrose School Committee member who is passionate about excellent teaching and learning for all public school students, and considers it a privilege to collaborate with others who share that passion. You can also follow her on Twitter at @MargaretDrisc. Just to be clear - opinions expressed here do not represent those of the Melrose Public Schools, the Melrose School Committee, or the Massachusetts Association of School Business Officials - they are hers alone.

Monday, February 9, 2015

What’s Happening at the Next School Committee Meeting?

The next Committee meeting is scheduled for tomorrow, Tuesday, February 10th (weather permitting as usual). There is a very full agenda, especially given that the last two meetings were cancelled due to weather. To see the agenda and review the packet documents, go to http://melrosecityma.iqm2.com/Citizens/calendar.aspx. Here are some key agenda items along with the page numbers from the packet:

·      Campus Kids Fees for 2015. Charts comparing 2014 vs. 2015 expenses on p. 161
·      Tuition-Based Foreign Students at MHS. Review narrative on p. 162
·      FY16 Budget Process and Timeline. Review and chart on pp. 163-164
·      FY15 Mid-Year Budget Update. Report by Supt. – no packet document
·      FY16 MHS Program of Studies discussion. New courses and “Resources and Support for Students” review on pp. 165-173
·      Policies on Student Attendance; Student Activity Accounts; Student Discipline; Gifts and Contributions to Schools; and Field Trips and Student Travel for a first vote on pp. 174-191
·      Policies on Bidding Requirements and Domestic Violence Leave (for school employees) for informational purposes on pp. 192-199
·      Later start times topic introduction with recommendation from Board of Health on pp. 200-204
·      Mid-Cycle Superintendent’s Review notification and presentation of evidence on pp. 205-268

      The meeting starts at 7:00 and is held at the Aldermanic Chamber in City Hall. You can come on down, watch on government access TV, or catch it on MMTV’s website at a time that fits your schedule. Comments and questions welcome!