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Thursday, November 7, 2013

"Working Smarter"

Fantastic presentation by Gail Zeman, a consulting School Business Administrator, titled "Working Smarter: Demonstrating the Links between Dollars and Diplomas." She says that districts can focus on using their resources more effectively by clearly identifying a problem that needs solving, determining the context (within the district? between districts? over time?), and then finding the right data (DESE? Dept. of Revenue?). What should be done with the information once it's gathered? First, develop tables and charts that organize the data; second, determine how the data is answering the question(s); third, decide whether you've asked the right questions/used the right data/drawn the right conclusions; fourth, get feedback from stakeholders; fifth, formulate a plan based on verified conclusions; and finally, take action.

Take-aways: What are the questions that help us solve problems (and are those questions directed at student achievement)? Do we have enough staff to dig into the data to help support answers and solutions? How do we prioritize?